1. Sleepless in Seattle:

Tom Hanks really didn’t sleep!


A known method actor and amateur accordion player, Tom Hanks went the entirety of the film shoot without sleeping a wink! Cast members later laughed about his paranoid delusions and hallucinations. These antics would often shut down production for several hours as crew members tried to shoot tranquilizer darts at him. But as everyone knows, Tom Hanks is fast and extremely slippery and usually avoided capture. Meg Ryan described the process in a later interview as “absolutely terrifying” and a “waking nightmare that never seemed to end.” But you can’t argue with results and boy, was Hanks’ dedication worth it! This is one of the best romcoms of all time!

Fun fact: Originally the film didn’t end on the Empire State Building! Tom Hanks actually improvised that scene while shooting when he crawled up the side of the building like King Kong. The other actors rushed up to talk him down but he refused to leave and began chucking bananas at them. As he screamed that he was the God, Olympus, Meg Ryan thought fast! She improvised some dialogue to cover the slip up, and the rest is history!!!

2. Pretty Woman:

Julia Roberts was a store mannequin that came to life when Richard Gere made a wish in Marshall Fields!


Wishing for the perfect costar was a common game for Richard Gere. He used to wish on fountains, and birthday candles, even carnival fortune-telling machines! But nothing worked. Until one day, while a shooting star passed over the sky, he saw a beautiful red-haired mannequin in a Marshall Fields, and wished for love. Sparks flew as her plastic body turned into real flesh, and she opened her eyes for the first time! Unfortunately for Richard, she was programmed to hate the first man she looked upon. So boy, did they clash on set!

Fun Fact: After the movie finished filming, Richard Gere tried to melt Julia Roberts down to her plastic components to make Tupperware containers (and get his money’s worth!) but to no success. Apparently, you make a mannequin human, it STAYS human. And she’s been a movie star ever since.

3. 10 Things I Hate About You:

It was based on a Shakespeare play!


Few people know that this amazing teen comedy from the 90’s is based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Practically every word was stolen from Shakespeare’s famous text about the prince of Denmark taking revenge on his uncle. Cool right?

Fun Fact: Heath Ledger was alive during the entire shooting process! But weirdly enough-Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a reanimated corpse they dug out of a cemetery in Pennsylvania. Later, he ate a bus full of school children and had to be put into a cryogenic state until his next film. You’ll notice that every time Gordon-Levitt is in a movie, loads of school children are eaten. Not a coincidence!! Bet you’ll never look at a half-consumed child corpse the same again!

4. She’s All That:

Originally had a different title!


Originally, She’s All That was called, “Who Farted?!” And was about a group of teens who couldn’t figure out which one of them farted! But Freddie Prinze Jr. suggested maybe throwing in a love story just to try! The director was skeptical at first, but in the end, boy did it work! Now you can barely tell that all the actors are farting in 90 percent of the scenes because the music is so loud and the chemistry is so sweet!

Fun Fact: Freddie Prinze Jr.’s father was famous too! His name was Walt Disney, and he invented Cap’n Crunch Cereal! Guess nepotism is alive and well, huh?

5. When Harry Met Sally:

Was filmed entirely by green screen!


One of the first Pixar movies, When Harry Met Sally was filmed using pigeons that they later animated to appear human. It was also one of the first films to use a computer to generate the dialogue. If you watch closely you’ll see Billy Crystal flapping his arms at odd moments! Crazy! This is because there is no Billy Crystal. Only pigeons! Filming was tough because the pigeon actors often had to take breaks to eat seeds… but the result is a classic!

Fun Fact:
The orgasm scene in the cafe took almost 6 years to shoot and involved 8 tons of cement, 15 helicopters, and the death of three rhinoceroses!