How cute is Belle as Donald J Trump!?

Book smart and nerdy, the beautiful and (as Trump!) nauseating Belle has some really strong ideas about education. Like for instance on funding, “You could cut that way, way down.”  Totally, Belle-Trump.Totally. 



Someone is the prettiest maid in the whole world! Here is Cinderella the way she should have been pictured: as a middle aged, orange man!

Now, she’s also an immigrant stealing our jobs. But the good kind. The quiet kind who cleans out the fireplace without complaining about benefits. That’s why Trump uses immigrants as maids in his resort! That’s how to Make America Great Again. We have to ship in as many maids as we can while shipping out the other browns. 



Look how great Ilsa looks as Donald Trump! She was made to wear menswear!

And in this world, things will stay nice and cold the way Ilsa likes it because global warming isn’t real! As Donald “Ilsa” Trump said on Twitter, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” Yeah! So let the concept of global warming GO! 



Let’s get down to business to defeat Mus-lims. Did he send me (hot) daughters when I asked for sons!?

War is sooooo fun for Mulan-Trump. Whether bombing the children of Isis members or the country of Libya…War is always the answer!



With skin as orange as dog peed snow, and hat as red as the blood of the Americans he’d send to war, Snow White Trump is a vision in a “Make America Great Again” hat.

In the story, Snow White gets The Hunter to keep her alive by bonding with him! And that is so Trump. He loves hunters. His son, Eric and a good elephant tail can attest to that.



This is how Jasmine would look if she were living in a camp. So fun!

Wouldn’t we all be safer if Jasmine Trump was put on a government registry and lived somewhere a little bit more….special? Maybe a camp? An Islamic camp?

That may be harsh. But don’t worry! We’ll give them some work to do or something. Besides, look how happy Jasmine Trump looks.Those people need a little structure or they’ll become radical and free all the genies in the land. Can you IMAGINE?



Nala lives in Africa and that’s a perfect match for Trump because he LOVES African-Americans!

“Look at my African-American over there!” Nala Trump says. Everything the light touches will be his! Except the front of the bus, and most bathrooms, and water fountains. Most things will be his though. I mean not police protection. But some things. I mean education will be significantly worse. But really. There are things. Well, a thing. I need a valet so…there’s that.


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Oil is better when it is wetter under the sea!

Ariel is so gorgeous as Donald Trump. If only she was as silent as she is in the movie! Unfortunately though, Ariel Trump spews hot garbage out of her mouth-always. Her energy plan allows Alaskan drilling, but don’t worry. If it harms the environment, it’s just what? A few dumb dead flounders? As Ariel says, Look at this stuff isn’t it neat? Shouldn’t we drill it until it’s complete?